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 Sheyashu's Story Part 1: Graduation

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PostSubject: Sheyashu's Story Part 1: Graduation   Fri Jul 04, 2008 7:59 pm

It was great day for Sheyashu Shikarshi for he knew that at the academy, it was the Graduation Ceremony. At 13 years old he would leave the academy. This was a great day for him because he had mastered the required jutsus and a new jutsu he had been practicing with his dad, had a superb knowledge, and was the strongest, fastest, most accurate student in the class. Once he got to the academy, he had to take a test of his knowledge, which he A'ced. Then he had to perform the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He made five clones without any problems. The last test was to beat Iruka's clone which was the hardest test. Since the test was to hard Sheyashu made it easier with his bloodline, the Yarikigan, which gave him the abilities of the Sharingan and the Byakugan. Sheyashu says "Here I come". He throws three shuriken at Iruka and stays a yard behind them. Iruka says "I know about your speed and your bloodline. It allows you to see all your opponents movements before he/she makes it, allows you to see your opponents chakra network, gives you a huge amount of chakra, and see far as well as close ranged opponents". Iruka jumps. Then Sheyashu jumps, does Shadow Clone Jutsu, and all 6 of him pull out a kunai. This continues until 20 min. later, when his clones are destroyed. I have to end this now. For some reason Sheyashu starts doing handsigns. Then he does Juken: 8 Trigram 64 Palms and stuns Iruka.

10 min. later at the ceremony

And the Teacher-2-Student award goes to Sheyashu Shikarishi. Sheyashu accepts the Black Headband and as he does so, Iruka says "Congradulations, you are now a Genin of Konohagakure.
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Sheyashu's Story Part 1: Graduation
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