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 Sheyashu's Story Part2: The Genin Test

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PostSubject: Sheyashu's Story Part2: The Genin Test   Fri Jul 04, 2008 8:40 pm

After being made Genin, he decides to meet his teamates. He heads to room 101 and meets his teamates, Namiku Udarimi(m), Shanikara Fuuton(f). They both say "Yes I got picked with the best student in the class". I say " Me and the sensei are not going to be doing all the work and thinking alright. I want you to stay on your toes k". "Yes sir" they both say. As we all wait for our sensei, we play rock, paper, scissors. I won everytime. Then we here someone come down the hallway. I say "Everyone, pull out a kunai and attack the next dude hat come through that door." He comes through Namiku and Shanikara does a leg sweep, but he jumps to dodge, but I kick him in a back and akes him fly to the wall. I say "Good work team!". The body blows into a log. "It was Substitution!" we all say." You pass" says the guy."Wait your our sensei!" we say. He says "Yes, my name is Kantarou Hikanari, and I am Team 1's Sensei." We all say "HOORAY!"
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Sheyashu's Story Part2: The Genin Test
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