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PostSubject: 4/4/07   Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:54 pm

Dear member of naruto-rpg

Dear member of naruto-rpg it is me Naruto with a news letter which you will from now on get every week maby even day. I whould like to tell you about updates I which are...

1.In the char page in your profile i have added a health/EXP and soon to be LV BAR

2. I have added a new rank the rank of RPG Char admin which will be the people who will be adding your LV's health and EXP by loooking in a mition, now this is a hard job because you must be on at least one hour every day to keep up just in case and you must read every new mission there is.

3.I will try to make so that there are 2 passwords to enter so that hackers will never get in, it happend to one of our members and that person was hacked over 2 times.

4.I will be sending newsletters like this with updates and maby events or prizes

5.I will be uptading the websites with cooler avatars in the galery and more custom profiles ect ect ect

6.I will be on MUCH more sp that if you need my help on anything please tell me

Now me and the other admins and mods are not sure we will be able to do this but i shall check with them and i hope we will be able to do this thank you very much for you coaporation.

From: Naruto
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