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PostSubject: 5/9/07   Wed May 09, 2007 11:17 am


I am sorry to have left ( And have destroyed the Forum) But it is back on so please, log in!

I will add special things to the forum, they will be included here and in the "News forum"

1. Special assasine: You must 1.Beat all the kages and beat me, (Must have over 100 mission's)
You get to be one of the strongest in the game, and get 50 jutsus!!

2. ultimate assasine: You must be a special assasin, or BEAT the special assasin (If you beat special assasin you must still beat all kages, there is only 1 special untimate ect edct assasine) and have 300 mission's no matter what! you are 2nd strongest in the game and get 100 jutsus!!!

3. Immortal assasin: You must be a ultimate assasin or beat all assasins and kages, you must have 1000 missions and yo are the best in the game, you are ALMOST immortal because all attacks do only 5 damage to you! you get 500 jutsus

4. I will ALSO have an event admin, what you must do is E-Mail me (ask for E-mail at forum) And gave me a at least 5 sentence example and why you wish to join? I will only have 3 people,

5. A LV Admin, I only need 4 people for this one, you will raise people's Lv's and health, or lower it deppending on the missions and training they have done, also E-mail me and tell me why you want to join? And if you are sure to be able to read everything, like missions and the hole forum!

6. New vilages!!! Outlaw village, Demon's village (Not naruto series) Angel village (Not naruto serise) And last but not least assasines village! (Not natuyo either) These are NOT in naruto, to get in outlaw, you must just leave the village and not join another one, but for the other,

Assasine village:Must be in the "Assasines" clan or must have beat at least 3 kage's from OTHER villages

Demon village: You must have about 200 mission's and have the most killing and bloody jutsus and be in the "Demon brothers" Clan (Not yet made but will be VERY soon)

Angel village: Must be VERY kind to all players, must have 200 mission's too and have jutsu's madew for healing (the only killing jutsus must be tai jutsus) and must be in the "angelic peoples" Clan (Not made yet"

That is azall but there is more to come so please log in^^ Thanks.
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